Cost Optimisation

At DTSS we aim at providing a cost-effective model for you to be able to afford our services. All our services match industry standards and the pricing is better than most in the market. We marry efficiency with a pricing model that will compel you to look at us more than favourably.

We practice the following commercial models to reach out to our customers:

Cost plus model

  • Manpower attendance-based model: billing based on attendance
  • Inclusive of manpower/machinery/materials

Fixed price all-inclusive contract for all service

Outcome based model

  • Fixed pricing; billing based on KPI/SLA
  • No dependence on manpower
  • Performance on SLA/KPI % of billing based on SLA/KPI

Pricing based on mutually agreed outcomes

Glide path savings model

  • Pricing based on initially agreed baseline with client
  • Savings on a Y-O-Y basis
  • Service provider commits a savings on all costs- which will be shared between client and service provider

We commit annualized efficiency delivery shared with Client & DTSS

Contract Management Through

Contract models

We follow one of three methods to service our clients based on client’s requirements.

They are:

  • Manpower based
  • Service Based (SLA)
  • Outcome based

DTSS as a Single Vendor for all IFM services

Our clients have number of problems when managing commercial spaces. These could be related to managing multiple locations, vendors and services with no standardization. So managing contracts on their own could prove to be an issue with cost being a problem. With there being no single point of contact, clients are usually stretched to the limit.

This is where DTSS steps in by providing:

  • Consolidation of Services
  • Direct management of all AMCs of AC/Lifts/DGs
  • Help client reduce their IFM team staffing
  • Technology intervention
  • Uniform pricing for all supplies across locations
  • Single Invoicing

The client is benefitted because of the consolidation of services which saves overall cost and time, plus eases operations in a big way. This provides the enterprise critical business insights and analytics for future operations.