Our Digitally Oriented IFM Solution For Healthcare Sector.

DTSS is dedicated to creating a safe &healthy environment for our 90+ healthcare clients across 12000 beds and are served by 41 branches across India. Our solution reduces hospital acquired infections and improves overall patient care service. Our solutions are digitally enabled with machinery and manpower that allows us to customize our IFM solutions at your healthcare facility.

They not only enhance patient care service but also helps in maintaining clean and protected space for the staff like doctors, patient care attendant, general duty attendant, etc.

We believe in safe, hygienic environment to enhance patient experience.

We provide project and program management as well as bring state of the art solutions for all our healthcare partners in record time. We take overall responsibility for ensuring that our client’s expectations are delivered to the required world class standard.

For us multiplying your facility’s efficiencies and reducing spend isn’t only achievable, but repeatable.

Our solutions impact following areas

  • Patient Care
  • Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Process Efficiency
  • Cost optimization

DTSS Advantage

We augment our solutions with following undeniable advantages for our clients:

  • One-stop-shop solution for IFM requirements
  • End-to-end integration of IFM services and operations through digital apps
  • Increase in patient satisfaction
  • Optimization of operations and reduction in maintenance cost
  • Extended longevity and improved aesthetics of facilities
  • Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections
Partnering with DTSS brings to your healthcare facility a digitally enabled solutions that you can deploy at your healthcare facility.