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Client visit went on very well. Raman is very happy with our hospitality and arrangements in short notice. He felt, he could have spent more time with us. Special mention (FAIZ & TEAM FACILITY) - Janet who has done the name board in the last minute - Suresh taking care of all food arrangements - Bharat accommodating last minute car arrangements - Deborah for ensuring everything ready as expected - Selva for last minute venue changes Special thanks to Faiz - coordinating each one of the arrangements from Name board to car to food ordering to Rangoli with lamp arrangements – exceptional. All arrangements are made in less than 2 days. Whole visit was seamless and client is really appreciate of taking care of him very well. Virtusa, Chennai
Thank you for conducting an excellent R & R for the DTSS staff at JPMC. It is appreciated that you certified 110 pantry staff also as the result of the continuous training efforts put in by you and your team. I could see that the R & R programme was well organized, and the staff were really connected and participative. Such welfare activities go a long way in the retention of staff JP Morgan, Bangalore
We would like to bring it to your notice about a guest appreciation for Mr. Ogneswara Rao . The guest complimented him for his commendable job of honesty demonstrated by returning his items which were very close to the guest’s heart and important before guest could ask or search for it. We would request you to recognise Mr. Rao for displaying the act of honesty through an Appreciation Letter. Taj Hotels, Chennai
Happy to inform all that we have achieved production of 9,84,549 nos which is highest production for ENM. Would like to congratulate you and your team starting from Vijay, Kiran, Ravi, Suresh, Sasi & Threenesh for their dedication to this activity. Please keep up the team spirit L&T, Mysore
Pleased to inform you that Infosys Mysore Landscape has bagged 4 outstanding awards in the recently held Dasara Flower Show Competition. It would not have been possible without the efforts of the ground staffs, coupled with the support from all your team members in one or the other way. We extend our thankful wishes to you and your team as a whole, for sustaining this award. Infosys, Mysore
Really appreciate the hard work carried out by Anil Kadale and all HK team under able leadership of all supervisors. Also Thank You to each and every staff who have supported during the IBM Youtsav event. Kavita Chavan has appreciated by the BU for good support provided during the event IBM, Pune
We just wanted to take a minute to appreciate the entire facilities staff who are doing phenomenal work day in and day out to ensure we have hygiene everywhere at our workplace. We would like to extend our gratitude specially to the below staff who go out of their way and do things that make us feel being cared for. Miss Ruksana Ansari - A special note of appreciation to the only female who ensures the women’s lavatories, the cafeteria tables and the dishes are cleaned without even anyone requesting her to do so. She’s a lady that has a smile on her face every time we see her. They are leading all of us by an example to love our jobs and always wear a smile so that it makes everyone’s day fruitful. We would be glad if they could be recognized for their dedication and hard work as it would be an example for the rest who are doing their best but can be outstanding like them . Thanks again, and continue to work the way you’ve been doing. Wipro, Mumbai
Please acknowledge the token of appreciation to Ms. Padma (HK Janitor) for being honesty and to be role model for others. Dell, Bangalore
I would like to take time to appreciate, Rajyalakshmi and her team, for exhibiting a good work in Cloud nine. We have worked and improved from 3.8 score to 4.8 score, and reduced on complaints, consistently for last 3 months. We would like to appreciate their hard work, and wish they would continue the same for future too. Team keep up the good work Cloud Nine, Bangalore
I would like to share my feedback, I have been noticing my desk and the place around me has been kept very clean and tidy every day. It is very refreshing to enter our workplace to see such a nice desk which welcomes you with a very positive energy for the day. I would like to specifically call out Archana Zore who has been very committed , sincere and dedicated in doing her job every day. She is very pleasing and warm in her approach . IBM, Pune
We really appreciate your approach towards work. Marvell, Pune
Appreciate the efforts and hard work put by team till the time and actual time starts now to streamline on ground operations as per processes. This kind of events will keep Team motivation high so continue the momentum. Wish you all the best to entire team and look forward strong commitment and engagement to build strong business partnerships Capgemini, Mumbai
Thanks for such an informative event for your staff. Looking forward to get this team better and stronger. It's such a great initiative! We Work, Mumbai
It is a good initiative which you were doing but stopped in between, so please continue the same to keep employee morale high. Air India SATS, Bangalore
Thank you all for the support in conducting the event Appreciate your time and support in transforming the performance of the team. Looking forward for such activity next quarter also. Once again thanking the management and the team for the efforts in supporting and ensuring smooth day to day operations HGS, Bangalore
I would like to appreciate DTS Group for organising such a beautiful RNR for our employees. This will help them to get motivate in their future growth ,career, where they might get a good experience from your esteem organization .Secondly,I would also like to thanks Mrs.Minal Mhatre & Mr.Bharat Gharat for organising the entire flow of the function very well. But last not least i would like to say, always keep doing such kind of activities which might motivate your employee to work for your esteem organisation for long term n take them to next level to develop their future career. Sunteck Realty, Mumbai