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I would really like to appreciate the professionalism executed in smooth transitioning of the team on all parts like, timely on boarding of team, issue of offer letter, ensuring quality talent, issue of ID badges, training on personal hygiene & upkeep etc. Please keep doing this. Hoping & Requesting you to keep motivating the team on time to time basis, organize such training for the Housekeeping staff, making them aware about all risk & hazards & ensuring the safe working practices, ensure all compliances, share & adhere the best practices of the other sites with the team available here, and set the bench marking target for them as continuous improvement. Honeywell, Delhi
Pleasure to applaud you all on making Family day event has big success !! Please convey thanks to each member of your team who was involved in making this successful avenue. Thanks You!! Deloitte, Bangalore
We sincerely thank each one of you for being receptive to our request to celebrate Women’s Day at our facility in Hyderabad. The event was conducted with precision and appreciate all efforts to ensure that each of the person attending the event carried a smile JPMC, Hyderabad
Thank you very much for your appreciation, indeed it is overwhelming to receive your appreciation, as it motivates us further to do our best. Yes, our Teamwork has paid off, will surely share your appreciation with the entire team. In fact, we appreciate your co-operation, you actually facilitated to carry out this activity more effectively by giving us that extra time. Thank you again for your mail and assuring you of our best services at all times 24/7, Bangalore
Thank you for the quick turnaround and conducting the event in a smooth way. It was well coordinated and successful, happy to see smile on everybody face JPMC, Mumbai